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Microbiome Labs is dedicated to finding microbiome-based solutions to support a healthy gut.

The “standard American gut,” details of which we’ve uncovered through extensive research, appears to have universal dysfunctions. Those dysfunctions can potentially lead to metabolic, neurological, immune, skin, mood (gut/brain axis) and other imbalances that can manifest as diverse symptoms.

Drilling down, we find that specific issues within the microbiome seem to be uniformly implicated, including:

  • Microbial diversity
  • Presence of keystone strains
  • Structure and immune response of the protective intestinal mucosa
  • Integrity of the intestinal epithelium
  • Amount of microbial metabolites produced (i.e., SFCAs, butyrate, propionate, acetate)

The Total Gut Restoration kit is our solution to maintain a healthy microbiome. Everything needed to support a 90-day total gut restoration is included in the kit.